Intercom System

The security intercom system has long evolved from a one-line, mono-speaker electronic device into the branched multifunctional communication network. This change is felt as you start using a video communication, stereo-speakers or remote control, which make up a modern intercoms.

Intercom System

These devices use the same working concept as phones, like providing voice and video communication between two or more locations, but they are tied to some places in the building and are extremely reliable. The purpose of this tech is quite clear – control an entry access into the building/room to ensure an ultimate security of your place. The intercom system is, also, really useful in communicating with your staff personnel at office or factory to monitor their activity and avoid unauthorized entry. Though, most of the time, it’s used for a home security to keep an eye on kids, etc.

The multifunctionality of the intercoms is simply astonishing. While enjoying a high-resolution video communication and smartphone remote control, you’ll want to forget an old fashioned single-line door buzzer forever. Entry reports and ability to schedule a deliveries at a specific time will quickly become your favorites. Plus, the modern intercom devices are configured to work along with the alarm system, so all the need actions can be taken immediately to catch up an intruder if necessary.

Some intercoms can be boast of wireless connection that allows for a quick launching of a system. At the same time, we, also, deal with a setting of a wired communication, which adds up to a security of a connection that may be the case for a high-risk agencies.

In all its beauty, the intercom system will be a great addition to your security network. As always, Linix Tech takes charge of high-definition sound and smoothly done installation, anytime.