Home Automation System

Home automation system is where a control and convenience come together. Also known as a smart home, this high-tech device can impress you by its enormous multifunctionality. The whole thing looks like an ordinary tablet display, which somewhat reminds an intercom device, but the automation system gives you much greater abilities, from locking up the windows to controlling the humidity in your building.

The smart home device is made to help you to control various processes that take place in your house or office, no wonder why it is oftenly referred as a central control panel or home hub. By making one touch you’ll be able to do the thermostat and appliance control, live video surveillance, fire and carbon monoxide monitoring, control alarm systems and receive a real-time text/email alerts. In the same manner, the central control panel can take care of a lightness level all around the house or office, if needed.

Linix Tech ensures you that from the moment we install the smart home system at your house, there’s no need to be worried about whether you turned off the iron/gas or not. Homeowners can greatly save on energy bills by adjusting the length of time that lights stay on or lowering temperatures when they are out of room, while also considering a time-saving benefit.

So, this system builds the whole internet of your appliances and security devices, managing them altogether by means of a remote control or home automation. Remote control is a direct real-time interacting with the home automation system from your remote app, in case if you want to take care of your stuff while being out of place, anywhere on Earth. And automation is when the home hub monitors and controls the appliances on its own by using an already set-up program. Whatever way you choose, the main idea is to make a lot of devices working on a single network dealing with everyday solicitudes, while you are focusing on the things that really matter.