Access Control

Access control has a lot of sense in its name, as this system is managing who is going in and out of the facility.

Access control

In details, the access control devices perform an authentication and authorization of personnel by processing a needed login credentials. The user just has to insert a specific password or swipe a card into an intelligent reader (which is a keypad or card scanner). If the system recognizes a requester, the door contacts and electric strike are unlocking the entrance, letting a person to go in or out of the way. But in the case if the system does not verify the user, the doorway will be blocked till an authorized personnel checks a status of a requester.

Further, the access control system can be setted to fire an alarm if an intruder fails an authentication. All the devices that make up a the system are controlled by a control panel, which is filled with a security software. The control panel is hidden and protected in a safe place, where it cannot be exposed to an offender’s intentions. The launching of such a cunning devices takes an outstanding accuracy and couple years of experience. As you may guessed, Linix Tech is offering a flawless installation of access control systems all around Tri-State area.

The access control is a priceless unit of your security system, because it is a first layer of defense on the way of intruder. The whole process of identification takes literally one second but is able to provide a needed security of your property and employees, 24/7.